A smoothie is any combinations of foods blended together to make a thicker drink. Smoothies can make a great meal replacement or snack. It depends on the calories and the ingredients. Typically a meal is between 300-450 calories and a snack is between 100-250 calories.You can also make a smoothie for a specific goal such as pre-workout,post-workout, recovery, performance, weight loss, weight gain. Here are a few tips to make a smoothie:

Add 3-4 ice cubes ( the less ice the thicker the consistency)
Add 1 cup of juice or water ( use fresh juice not from concentrate, no sugar added, less than 100 calories)
Add 1 cup of fruit ( use low sugar fruits such as berries to keep calories low, add different color fruits for a variety of vitamins and minerals)
Add 1-2 cups greens( easy way to get your daily recommended vegetable servings for the day and add iron for energy)
Add 1/4 cup nuts ( increase your protein intake)
Add 1-2 scoops protein powder ( choose a supplement that is low in sugar and protein isolates not concentrate)
Add 1/2 cup oats ( add fiber to keep you full)

What is your favorite smoothie recipe and why? We would love to here from you. Post comments below.

Written by: Dawnyse