WORKing on Wellness : Snacking 101
Hungry? Need a little something to get through the afternoon slump that seems to always strike at 3pm? Remember snacking is not the enemy – it’s actually a great habit. The culprit of snacking, however, is the extras, such as; sugar, high sodium, saturated fat, high fructose syrup found in some packaged cookies, sodas, candy bars, and some chips.

Here are fifteen snacks that will give you energy and help prevent nagging hunger and overeating.

● Two cinnamon graham crackers with a thin spread of almond butter
● Yogurt parfait – Low fat plain Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, berries, and a few walnuts
● A piece of dark chocolate – okay 2 pieces
● Portion packed lightly salted or raw mixed nuts
● Homemade granola or a packaged granola bar that is low in sugar
● A slice tangerine with sliver almonds
● A small bag of baked chips
● A mini bag of popcorn topped with cayenne pepper and/or a dusting of parmesan cheese
● Albacore tuna (the portion size package) wrapped in lettuce or with whole grain pita chips
● A handful of organic blue chips dipped in spicy salsa
● Carrots and celery with a small container of hummus for dipping
● Apple slices with low fat creamy cheese (2 sections of the laughing cow cheese is delicious).
● A bowl of Cheerios with almond or coconut milk
● A half a melon – cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew
● Super food green smoothie
These snacks may require a little planning but they are extremely easy to pack up and carry. You will be energized, but more importantly, you will be pleasantly surprise on how easy it is to maintain your weight.
Commit to Healthy!
T. Cherie Miller –Certified Wellness Coach Owner of Nutrition, Fitness & Stilettos

Written by: Dawnyse