Cardio Treadmill Workout to Your Playlist
Try this cardio training program on the treadmill. Treadmill workouts are joint friendly if you have ankle, knee, hip, or back issues. Burn more calories with changing the intensity of your workout. Keep your body guessing.

Use your playlist of your favorite 6-7 songs to get in approximately 30 minute workout!

Song 1: Warm up ( slow comfortable pace RPE 3)
Song 2: Speed ( fast to moderate pace RPE 7/8)
Song 3: Tempo ( moderate pace RPE 4/5)
Song 4: Incline ( 3.0 or higher at a comfortable pace)
Song 5: Intervals Flat( Fast pace during the verse, recover during the chorus)
Song 6: Intervals Incline (Inlcine 10.0 or higher during the verse, 3.0-5.0 during chorus)
Song 7: Repeat one of the above

Share your playlist below…..

Written by: Dawnyse