Week 1, Day 1

Exercise no. 1

Bent Over Row

Standing position Keep back flat as you bend forward Bringing weights/bands to your feet When your back is parallel to floor, hold there Bend elbows and lift them towards ceiling While squeezing shoulder blades together Let arms extend toward floor Repeat

3 sets 15 reps
Exercise no. 2

Shoulder Press

Seated or standing position Weight or band in hand Bring arms up and our to side parallel to floor ( 90 degree angle with elbows and shoulder) Push weights over head and make them touch Lower arms back down to shoulder level Repeat

3 sets 15 reps
Exercise no. 3

Chest Press

Laying on the floor or on a stability ball( back supported on ball) Weight or bands in hand Arms out to side bent at 90 degreess ( both arms make “L”) Elbows bent, palms facing forward Push weight/band up toward ceiling, extend arms Lower back down to starting position

3 set 15 reps
Exercise no. 4

Tricep Extension Overhead

Standing or seated position Weights or bands in hand Lift both arm overhead, elbows bent, hand towards back While keep arms up, extend elbows by pressing weights towards ceiling Lower weights by bending elbows while keep arms behind head Repeat

3 sets 15
Exercise no. 5

Bicep Curl

Work the bicep muscle for toned strong arms. Your bicep is the front upper arm muscle.

Exercise no. 6

Push up

Perfect push up for multi muscle exercise.

3 sets of 12 reps
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