Corporate Wellness

Through our Workplace Wellness Program, we seek to improve your organization’s productivity through fitness and wellness training. Give us the opportunity to help you develop more productive employees and foster job satisfaction by addressing your employee’s health and fitness goals.

How We Work With You

We are distinctly positioned to meet the needs of your company using the following:

Certified, Experienced Personnel
LSW’s team is made up of certified personal athletic trainers, physician assistants, massage therapists, registered nurses, and certified health coaches. In addition, our reach extends to include a corrective exercise specialist and certified health education specialist.

Best Practice Health Solutions
Our team of experts believe that health education is crucial. We create customized prevention programs, supportive social & physical environments and provide regular health risk assessments and biometric screenings that are budget friendly, tailor-made for your company and meet industry standards.

Strategic Design & Engagement
We do all of the legwork to smoothly integrate our workplace wellness program into your company’s culture. We provide health & wellness consulting every step of the way and engage employees technologically through our Health & Wellness Portal. In granting your company full access to our wellness website portal, we’ll track and create reports based on outcome/performance to address company & employee needs.
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How We Benefit You

Return on Investment
According to the 2010 Health Fair’s report, companies save $3 for every $1 spent on its workplace wellness investment. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reported that employers with workplace wellness programs experience 20-55% reduction in health care cost, 6-32% reduction in short-term sick leave and 2-52% increase in productivity.

Engaged Workforce, Improved Productivity
Health is a transferable job skill. Investing in your employees gives them the assurance that their employer cares about their health in well-being. In turn, employees improve productivity, quality of work, and increased engagement.

Lower Healthcare Costs, Fewer Medical Claims
70% of chronic conditions are attributable to lifestyle practices, and 84% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions. Our health education, customized prevention programs and regular health assessments & screenings all work to promote a fit lifestyle for employees.

Only 6.9% of companies offer a comprehensive wellness program. As an ahead-of-the-curve, health-conscious company, both employee recruitment and retention will be positive. Be the employer of choice when it comes to recruiting top talent.

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