Corporate Wellness Leadership Buy-in Strategies

Many HR professionals or administrators with wellness responsibilities have common pain points. One of the biggest issues as to why their wellness program is ineffective, or non existent is because of the lack of leadership. It make sense. If your leadership doesn’t see its value, worth, or importance why would

Top 3 Wellness Strategies During Open Enrollment

Why not work smarter rather than harder. Take advantage of open enrollment to collect data, select your ambassadors, and expose your leadership. With these three strategies in place you are sure to be off to great start with your corporate wellness program. 1. Use a vendor that can manage the

How To Make Your “ALL STAR” Wellness Team

Make Your “ALL STAR” Wellness Team You know how the saying goes, There’s no “I” in team. Unfortunately, those of you in HR roles wear many hats, and may very well be the entire team. But, in order to achieve a results oriented wellness program you must have a delegated

5 Ways to Make a Conference Call “Fit”

  We all take virtual meetings, conference calls, and webinars. Typically they last 30 minutes to an hour. During these times you are sedentary, munching on something you shouldn’t, or hunched over your desk. What if you make that time more productive? Unless the meeting requires your physical attention or