Many HR professionals or administrators with wellness responsibilities have common pain points. One of the biggest issues as to why their wellness program is ineffective, or non existent is because of the lack of leadership. It make sense. If your leadership doesn’t see its value, worth, or importance why would employees?
How do you get your leadership on board? Simple, speak their language. Try these Wellness Leadership Buy-in Strategies.

1. At the end of the day, leadership cares about the bottom line. Have your pitch ready with relevant data on the validity of wellness programs. Don’t bring up statistics from 2005. Current analytics from successful wellness programs yielding ROI and VOI are readily available. Be sure to use industry specific data rather than generic. If you’re in the manufacturing space avoid using data from the IT space.

2. Make it personal. Your leaders or their family members maybe struggling with health and wellness issues. Use your wellness program to show your leadership how it can provide solutions, support, and success.

3. Tailor it. One of the best leadership buy-in solutions I have come across was from a wellness certification course led by George Pfieffer ( corporate wellness pioneer). Make a customized executive wellness program. The leaders in your organizations have different demands such as work hours, stress, and availability. Providing exclusive programming for your leadership may be the incing on the cake to get your leadership team to not only buy-in, but potentially be your wellness ambassadors.

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Written by: Dawnyse

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